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Guest Magda Selmeci

How does your girlfriend or boyfriend affect your working or school life?

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Guest Magda Selmeci

If the people involved are serious persons, the effect on each other can be extremely beneficial. Here are a couple of examples. My best friend in high school was a very clever, very smart girl. We all knew that she could have been the best student, if she cared. But she did not care, and was just a poor average student. That was up to age 16. Then she met her boyfriend, and fell in love. Her boyfriend told her that academic achievements were very important to him. If she wanted to stay close to him she had to be a good student, and had to further her education. He was willing to help. She used his help to catch up with math. The rest she could do alone. In one year she became one of the best students, and she went to university, became an engineer. He and her got married and were very happy with each other.

The other example is my own. I met my husband on my 16th birth day. I was a very good student, and my plan was to go to university, taking math. My husband had an IQ, we were told that he belonged to the upper 5% of the population. He was just an average student. He was not going to put an effort in to doing better. We both had our effect on each other. When we dated I went to a beach with him, taking my books, and asking him to bring his. I forced him to study while we were lying in the sand. He became a straight A student. His effect on me was my chosen field. I wanted to take just math. He talked me in to taking physics with it.

Our working life is affected in the sense that we want to excel in everything we do.

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