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The 30 Most Affordable Bachelor’s Degrees Online 25-30

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Guest GVC Staff

Affordable online bachelor’s degrees have made attaining an undergraduate education a reality for many who would otherwise not be able to afford postsecondary school and for others who thought they couldn’t fit a four-year degree into their busy lifestyles. These programs are not only convenient and economical, though; they’re often as academically rigorous as their on-campus counterparts, and many are taught by the same faculty members as well.

In this ranking, we explore the 30 most affordable online bachelor’s degree programs available today.

Rating and Ranking Methodology
Tuition Points:

Under $300—1 point
Under $250—2 points
Under $200—3 points
U.S. News & World Report’s Ranking

Top 10—9 points
Top 25—8 points
Top 50—7 points
Top 100—6 points
Top 150 –5 points
Top 200—4 points
Top 250—3 points
Top 300—2 points
Top 350—1 point
Number of Bachelor’s Degree Programs

1-4—1 point
5-9—2 points
10-14—3 points
15-19—4 points
20 or more—5 points
Ranking the 30 Top Affordable Bachelor’s Programs Online

In ranking the 30 most affordable online bachelor’s programs, our editors considered only those schools with tuition costs below $300 per credit hour. We also used tuition to break any ties, awarding the higher ranking to the more affordable schools.

#30 –Minot State University

Minot, North Dakota

Number of Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs: 9

minot-state-university-e1541091750359.pnMinot State University offers most of its nine affordable online bachelor’s programs in the area of business, but the school also offers bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice, nursing, and human services. Students who want to customize their degree can do so by working closely with their advisor and department to select a minor and/or concentration that meets their needs. All of these programs can be completed entirely online, with no visits to campus for orientations or labs. These online affordable bachelor’s degrees are also delivered in an asynchronous format.

Points: 7

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $225

#29 –Arkansas State University

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Number of Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs: 11

arksu-e1541786235814.jpgStudents interested in earning one of Arkansas State University’s affordable bachelor’s programs online have a wide variety of majors to choose from. Notable programs include a BS in Creative Media, a BS in Digital Innovation, and an RN to BSN program. Customization options vary from program to program, but many allow students to double major with another online program or choose an area of emphasis. All of these top affordable online bachelor’s programs are delivered in an accelerated format with seven-week terms and six start dates each year.

Points: 7

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $210

#28 –Missouri State University

Springfield, Missouri

Number of Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs: 9

missouri-state-universityMissouri State University offers nine different affordable bachelor’s online degrees, including BS degrees in finance, communication studies, and professional writing, as well as a BAS in hospitality leadership. Several minors are available to allow students to customize their degree to their needs. These programs are designed to accommodate both students just starting a degree and those completing a degree that they started at another school. It is possible for students to complete their entire degree online, but pre-credit math courses are not always available online, and general education science labs are limited.

Points: 8

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $285

#27 –Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw, Georgia

Number of Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs: 16

kennesaw-state-university-e1541091994366Kennesaw State University boasts 16 affordable online bachelor’s degrees as well as several online minors. Most majors and minors can be completed entirely online. However, distance courses come in a variety of formats, including hybrid, 100% online and 95% online, so depending on their major and specific courses taken, students may have to make a few short visits to campus. Similarly, most courses are asynchronous, but some professors provide opportunities for online students to interact with classroom-based students in synchronous sessions.

Points: 8

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $257

#26 –University of Maine- Fort Kent

Fort Kent, Maine

Number of Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs: 8

fortkent-e1541092197714.pngThe University of Main – Fort Kent offers affordable bachelor’s online programs in nursing, rural public safety administration, cybersecurity, business management, and arts and sciences. Concentrations are available for some fields of study. A self-designed option is also available for students who can’t find an already established online track that meets their needs. Most degrees can be completed entirely online, but students are welcome to combine distance education with on-campus classes. Coursework and materials are delivered primarily asynchronously, but some professors do include some synchronous activities.

Points: 8

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $228

#25 –University of Alaska- Fairbanks

Fairbanks, Alaska

Number of Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs: 7

uaf-e1541092292639.jpgStudents who want to earn an affordable bachelor’s online from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks enjoy a varied selection of degrees that are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate both first time students and working adults looking to complete their degree. One notable program is the highly customizable interdisciplinary general studies degree that allows students to build a custom major with the help of an advisor. Other online affordable bachelor’s programs include a BA in justice, a BA in psychology, and a Bachelor of Security and Emergency management.

Points: 8

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $223

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