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Guest Tennis Recruiting

How to Be Successful with College Tennis Recruiting

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Guest Tennis Recruiting

When it comes to college tennis, you can’t play around. You need to get serious and do everything in your power to show the coaches you’re the best decision they could make. But how to do that without seeming too desperate? Well, actually, this process is not as difficult as it seems, although you need to be careful not to rush it. With all that being said, you can be recruited into a college tennis team and even have chances of being features on tennis betting online sites such as 100betz.com/tennis.

Here’s a little guide to help you figure out how to manage the recruiting process.

Practice | Obviously, one of the most important things about being recruited into a college tennis team is by proving you’re worthy through your performance. As such, you should know the rules and know how to move to ensure your victory. Although it’s something that anyone can learn in time, it’s crucial to work on your skills, polishing them and making sure you won’t lose any of your abilities.
For this reason, play whenever you have the time and occasion to, as even if you make it through the recruiting process, you’ll still be monitored to ensure you always thrive.
Make a Solid Recruiting Video | There is one thing you must work on, besides your skills, in order to increase your chances of being recruited, respectively a recruiting video. You must create a video that grabs the attention of the coaches and make them consider you as a potential essential part of the future team.
You must start strong, with a good introduction that keeps them invested and eager to learn more. First impressions matter after all, as you keep hearing. In the first few seconds, you must introduce yourself and show the coaches who you are without making it too long and boring. Afterward, you should show how good you are as a tennis player. Show them your potential by providing build up points and showing them your set of skills. When it comes to recruiting, they have to know what you’re capable of during a game, so don’t forget to do your best and help them picture what you could do in the future.
Make a Resume  | A resume is very important in recruiting, but keep in mind that this is different than the format you’re used to when applying for a new job. In other words, this resume should include anything of help to the tennis coaches, such as your weight, height, high school, current coach’s name and whether you’re right handed or left handed. Aside from that, don’t forget to include a list of the important tennis events you’ve participated in, as well as the number of victories you’ve had so far. This can offer them an insight into what you’re capable of during a game and positively influence their decision.
Communicate with the Coaches | It’s important to initiate contact and maintain good communication with the coaches. This will show them your dedication, but it can also help you learn more things which will play in your advantage. You can ask questions, find out what they’re looking for in their players, and take responsibility in working hard to achieve your goal. In the end, it will all help you.
The Bottom Line | If you want to be included in WTA and ATP betting, then definitely consider this quick guide to help you get recruited. Don’t forget that ambition and hard work are very important, so don’t waste any time – start improving your skills and working on your recruiting video.

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