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Developing the Habit of Reading Efficiently



Developing the Habit of Reading Efficiently
Reading is considered by many individuals as a primary leisure activity or hobby. More often than not, people will however neglect to elaborate on the kind of material that they enjoy reading.  Finishing comic book and romance novels is obviously different from reading research material, presentations, and editorials. In terms of the professional aspect, it is the latter reading materials that can be beneficial to an individual.  The former nevertheless prepares a person in becoming a more thorough reader.

Learning Tool
The book 10 Days to Faster Reading that was penned by Abby Marks Beale deals with this regard. If a person inculcates a fast reading habit, they will not only cover better ground than other people, they will as well instantly learn more information in a shorter timeframe.

Memory Recall
Though a person can be a slow reader it is possible that he or she is a consistent one who is still able to gather a lot of info that is important about various subject matters. Gaining reading speed however, can help relay messages to the brain at a faster speed. For instance, if a person knows the adage “sooner rather than later,” every time the phrase is mentioned, the brain will involuntarily read it at a quick pace. There are various other similar phrases, passages, and adages that a person who is knowledgeable of will read and understand them much faster. The brain will translate the reading naturally in a quick manner.  Good vocabulary as well as ample knowledge is requisites and having the skill to read fast can help a person enhance these facets further.

Having extensive vocabulary knowledge is beneficial.  Take the word “chiaroscuro” for instance, anyone who has heard or come across it before will likely be able to read it with ease and will be capable of relating it to a paragraph that is of relevance. On the other hand if a person is unfamiliar with this word, confusion will take place and this can significantly reduce the reading speed of the person. There is no shortage of words that are difficult and phrases that can be confusing to a person who is not well versed. It can be for these reasons that some people find the activity of reading a boring one.

Reading Guide
One useful trick is to use a guide such as a card, piece of paper, pencil, finger or similar item that the eyes can follow while reading. When fingers glide through lines, the immediate instinct is to follow it and the speed that it rushes through the words. Readers can begin with paragraphs with varied lines and then make a speed comparison afterwards.  Taking varied time on paragraphs that are small or big means that the reader is improving their skill. Basically if a reader spends half a minute for a paragraph that is eight lines in length, it will only take a full minute to read double the number of lines. Once a person reaches that level of reading then he or she can begin to read uninteresting subject matter and then record the speed that takes to complete reading it. A good reader should be able to read four hundred words or more per minute.

If you are serious about learning to read faster then go visit http://www.readfast.co.ukVisit the site to learn about the course benefits and other details!

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