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How to read fast – Speed reading made easy



How to read fast – Speed reading made easy
Have you ever wished to be able to read a book very very fast? To be able to scan through the pages of a volume and understand everything you read? Imagine you how you could amaze your friends with speed reading, covering pages and pages in a heart beat, and also imagine how much time you can save on reading. You have a great book you want to enjoy but you never find the time in your busy day to day life to finish it? Your body has the potential of scanning through the pages. It is not a special talent that only some of us have, it is not a fictional superpower, it is actually a skill you too can develop with a little bit of practice and perseverance. Here are a few speed techniques that should help you learn how to read fast:

Don’t let yourself distracted. Some people can easily read and understand everything even when they’re in a room where the television is loud and the children are playing, and the music is booming, but if you’re not that type of person, make sure you read in a peaceful place. If you know you can get easily distracted, turn off your television, and log off the internet. Reading with a music although may sound relaxing, only forces your brain to work overtime.
Skim through the content. If you’re reading an article, or if you want to decide about whether or not a book is worth reading, it may help skimming through the content. Look out for lists, bullet points, key phrases. If you got a top ten article, per example, take a preview of every entry in the list, and then go in depth.
Don’t re-read. Don’t go back and forth when you’re reading. Even if sometimes you might want to re-read a phrase just to make sure you got it right, it’s preferably to try to make it out from context, otherwise you’ll get in the habit of reading over and over the same part , which needless to say will take a lot of your time.
Try to read more words at once. Don’t go one word at a time. You’re not eating and chewing the words, so don’t worry, if you take more than one word at a time you won’t choke. Try reading a group of words instead of just one and you will save time.
Don’t vocalize. Some people are in the habit of reading everything out-loud. Even when they can’t read it out-loud they will still vocalize it somehow by moving their lips or even saying the words out-loud in their minds. This happens especially when you’re reading something in a foreign language. You might feel like translating each word separately in your mind and vocalize the translation.

You’re not performing in front of a crowd, so there’s no need to vocalize. Use your eyes and your brains, not your tongue.  And remember, nothing can be accomplished overnight, but with practice and perseverance, you too can learn to speed read into any book.

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