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Tactics in Speed Reading



Tactics in Speed Reading
Speed reading is a useful skill to be masterful in. some may question whether or not speed reading really works. There are many reasons why a person should consider improving their reading speed. Whenever individuals inquire about speed reading, there is a common misconception regarding the extent of the matter. Reading is thought of as the mind’s response and interpretation of what is written in print. When the mind does not respond during the application of techniques in speed reading then the truth of the matter is simply that the person is not reading at all. The term reading should always be correlated to some measure of comprehension of the content.

Words per Minutes
A person who has been exposed to some type of lesson that instills the proper way of going through a material at a very fast pace in the range of thousands of words per minute then there is a chance that no comprehension occurs. There are in existence programs on the computer that can supposedly help a person boost their reading speed of up to two thousand words per minute. This type of program is pointless and will not be beneficial in the larger scheme of things.

Mechanical Aspect
There are two main facets in reading speedily. The first one can be seen in the improvement of the mechanical sector of reading. This occurs with the use of certain eye movement methods. It is in fact a possibility to move the eyes physically and see all the word content in the material with the rates of ten thousand to one hundred thousand words in a minute. The typically speed reading program will contain this learning aspect. However the only thing that gets trained in this method is merely speed, the reader successfully reads fast but has not at all been able to grasp the content.

Reading Comprehension
The secondary facet of speed reading is reading comprehension. It is not enough to be able to read thousands of words at a short amount of time and be unable to expound on what has been read. Comprehension is generally defined as the mind’s translation or response to the written text or symbols that are seen on a page. As a result, reading requires thinking. True reading is the mind’s ability to comprehend and respond to the text in a fast manner. Speed reading is the ability of the mind to understand what has been read in a speedy movement.
Once the learner has become comfortable with both the mechanical and physical skills, then building better comprehension in a manner that is purposeful should be the next objective. When a reader has managed to overcome old reading habits that they have gathered over the years, then there is a learning of how to assess what the mind is working on since there is no need to focus on eye mechanics.

Brain Power
When it comes to comprehension one key aspect is to prepare the mind for the activity of reading. There is an expansive selection of tools that can aid an individual in this training phase. The approach to comprehension detaches the learner from the left brain’s more traditional approach and instead encourages the whole brain to become more engaged.

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