Service Innovation

Service innovation means changing the way you serve your customers to create greater value for them and deliver more revenue for your organization. IMD Professor of Service Management Stefan Michel shows you how to identify service innovations—process innovations, new services, and new service-driven business models—and then embed them into your business.

Once you understand service innovation, you can design and implement your own innovations. Each chapter combines real-world case studies with a methodological framework to help you become a better “idea hunter” for service innovation. After you identify an innovative model, you can align and execute your innovation by applying the customer star model and by embedding your innovation approach in your overall business strategy.

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Become Your Own Boss

Learn the essentials to starting your own business—even if you’re still working a full-time job. Melinda F. Emerson, America’s small business expert, shares golden nuggets of advice essential to launching or growing a business. If you are interested in buying a business or franchise or want to launch on the internet, Melinda helps you with the evaluation process in order to make the right decision. She also coaches you on how to pay for your business and how to set realistic expectations and goals. Plus, learn how to craft your marketing strategy and write a business plan that’s an effective tool for success. Finally, Melinda shares exciting and surprising tips on how to launch successfully while you may still be juggling other jobs or responsibilities.

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Moving Your Class Online Quickly and Efficiently

Need to quickly transfer your face-to-face class to an online learning environment? In this course, educators Ashley Kennedy and Oliver Schinkten help you successfully make the jump to online learning, sharing strategies for taking what was great about your in-person course and making it work in a virtual classroom. Ashley and Oliver demonstrate how to break down your existing syllabus, and then offer you a step-by-step guide for moving that course online. Learn about the process of incorporating both synchronous and asynchronous virtual learning opportunities into your new virtual classroom. Explore strategies for dynamic communication, collaboration, and assessment that can help you keep your students engaged. Along the way, Ashley and Oliver share tools and strategies that can help you shine as an online instructor.

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C02): 4 Compute Services

Take a deep dive into the compute services in Amazon Web Services (AWS). This course is the fourth of a nine-part series designed to help prepare you to pass the 2020 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C02) exam. With a heavy focus on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), it explores compute services design, implementation, and management. Learn how to configure and launch EC2 instances, set up security and access control, and automate management with Elastic Beanstalk. Instructor Tom Carpenter provides foundational instruction for anyone beginning the journey to becoming an AWS architect, as well as those prepping for the latest version of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam.

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Premiere Pro Guru: Understanding Video Compression

Compression affects every aspect of video work. Compress too much, and you’ll lose quality. Compress too little, and the file size is too big. Use the wrong compression, and your client cannot see the video at all. In this course, instructor Luisa Winters explains what compression is, how to use it, and how to optimize it to give your work the greatest impact. Learn how to finesse export settings in Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder for the best-looking video.

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Learning Gatsby

Gatsby is a modern take on the static site generator. Built on React, it uses GraphQL to extract information from data sources such as WordPress. Learn how to use this flexible JavaScript framework to build performance-focused websites in this course with Morten Rand-Hendriksen. Discover how to get Gatsby up and running and use the starter projects to quickly build out your sites. Find out how to work with Gatsby pages, assets, and components, and style your sites using multiple CSS approaches: standard static style sheets, inline styles, CSS modules, styled components, and more. Plus, learn how to extend Gatsby with plugins, connect to data sources with GraphQL queries, create pages dynamically using transformer plugins and Node.js scripts, and get your Gatsby site ready for production.

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Welcoming Ken Hahn as our Chief Financial Officer

By Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO Coursera I am fortunate to be working alongside a leadership team that cares deeply about fulfilling our mission and finding ways to better serve our learners, partners, and customers. Today, I am excited to share that Ken Hahn has joined this team as Coursera’s Chief Financial Officer. Ken joins Coursera during […]

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How to Adapt Your Small Business in a Recession

Recessions thrust a number of unfair challenges upon small businesses. While business owners can’t fix the larger problems that sparked the economic downturn, they can still take action to push their organizations forward. In this course, instructor Jay Clouse shows how to do just that, sharing strategies that can help you quickly adapt to changing customer demands during a recession. Get tips for identifying new moneymaking opportunities for your retail, food and beverage, or service-based business. Learn how to leverage existing customers and advocates to find new customers, partner with other businesses on unique collaborations, and quickly move your business online. Plus, Jay gives you tips for crafting a marketing strategy focused on guiding and supporting your customers in tough times.

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SketchUp 2020 Essential Training

Build your 3D modeling skills by mastering the basics of SketchUp. In this course, you can get up to speed with this easy-to-use computer modeling application by gaining a foundational understanding of the drawing and design tools offered in the 2020 version of SketchUp. Instructor Tammy Cody covers navigating the interface, manipulating objects, drawing, organizing drawing elements, and working with materials and textures on both Windows and Mac computers. Plus, learn how to apply simple styles and animation to make your 3D projects more polished and presentable. Throughout the course, Tammy provides opportunities for you to practice what you’ve learned.

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Content Marketing for Social Media

The hardest part of social media is creating content that resonates with your audience and is reflective of your brand. In this course, you can learn how to add powerful and engaging social media content to your content marketing strategy. Content marketing expert and best-selling author, Colleen Jones, shares how to select the right platform, identify the right content type, and develop a marketing cadence. Plus, find out how to manage influencers, encourage sharing, and evaluate how content performs. Colleen leaves viewers with several top tips for each of the major social networks, making the teachings incredibly actionable.

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