Advice from Google IT Support Learners

Thinking about pursuing a career in IT? We talked to Coursera learners who found success in their own careers after completing the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, a program that can help prepare you for a job in IT support. Here are their words of wisdom for anyone who wants to pursue a career in IT:

Donald R. Georgia, United States

“The Google IT Support Professional Certificate program is awesome. It really provides you with a great foundation in IT. Don’t limit yourself to only one foray into technology. Keep learning and growing, because outer space is the only limit.”


Susan F. Alberta, Canada

“If you like it and enjoy it, give it a try. I started off in an administrative role and mover time, I proved to be a greater asset by going above and beyond my roles and responsibilities. By doing that, my role in the company has changed over time such that my supervisor is trying to place me in certain roles so that I can excel and grow as an employee. My role has now expanded to include IT Support. I find that with IT, there is so much opportunity to learn and grow because the area is so broad. If you like IT and you want to do something interesting, there is so much you can do in IT and there is so much to learn. You will never stop learning in this industry.”


Tristen A. Georgia, United States

“The advice I would give to anyone about getting into IT is to imitate the example of children. Children are curious, fearless, and have powerful imaginations. They always find a way to get their desired prize, no matter how long it takes to get. We as adults tend to over-calculate or set too many limits on our goals, or we become complacent and give up on our goals. These qualities are not the keys to success in IT. Be fearless and go for it!”


Christina J. Texas, United States

“My advice to anyone who has an interest in IT is to just try it.  There are so many aspects of IT, so you are bound to find something you want to pursue. You have to always remember, one sure way to fail at something is to not try at all.“


Jesse P. California, United States

“My advice for others who are interested in pursuing a career in IT is to go for it! IT is a challenging-yet-rewarding field of work. There are constant puzzles to unravel and ambiguities to deal with. However, having tangible results to show for your hard work results in an unparalleled sense of accomplishment.”


Aldi S. Oregon, United States

If someone wants to pursue a career in IT and they enjoy helping people solve their problems with technology, they just need to apply. The Google IT Support Professional Certificate program I took on Coursera was very helpful. It teaches everything you need to know to be an IT support professional.”

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