WordPress 5 Essential Training

– You have thoughts, ideas, creations, and services you want to share with the world, and the web is right there at your fingertips, on your smartphone, your tablet, your computer, everywhere. Which begs the question, how do I get my content onto the web? One answer, and a good one at that, is WordPress, the free, open-source web publishing application you can use to build a blog, a website, an e-commerce store, or whatever you want. The goal of WordPress is to democratize publishing, and since its first release, more than 15 years ago, WordPress has become the most used publishing application on the web, powering more than 30% of the top 10 million sites.

It is software developed by people like you and me to make web publishing as easy and democratic as possible. It is available in 180 different languages and locales, creates websites anyone can access, and runs on pretty much any server, on all browsers, in any country in the world. Chances are, if you spent more than a few minutes on the web, you’ll interface with a WordPress site, whether you know it or not. And that’s the beauty of WordPress. At its core, it is an interface between you, a database, and your visitor, making it easy for you to publish content and control how it is presented to your audience.

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, famously said, “This is for everyone,” when describing his creation. And this is a pretty good description of what the web is, a place where anyone and everyone can share their thoughts, ideas, creations, and services with the world. WordPress is the logical extension of that idea. The web is for everyone, and WordPress makes publishing on the web possible for us all.


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