– Hey, this is Jay, and these next couple minutes are for you if you feel like you are about to go out of your mind at your desk right now. It also is for you if you feel like you’re stuck up in your mind, which is more where we find ourselves typically. So, this is for you to help get back into your body, which is going to avail you of your creativity again, and your intuition, and your decision making capacities, all the things that help you be really good at your job. So, get comfortable. I’d recommend sitting upright, having your feet resting on the floor, and getting your shoulders to draw back a little bit so you can get some deep breath into your body. And if it’s comfortable for you, close your eyes. If you’d rather keep your eyes open, just let ’em focus on nothing in particular and be soft. And then, take a couple deep breaths. And first, without looking around, I want you to just get a sense of where you are in the space that you’re in. Like, without needing to open your eyes or look around. Feel where you are in relationship to the closest window, and how you know that. Maybe you can feel the sunlight on your skin. Maybe the window’s open and you can feel a breeze. Maybe it’s just the sense you have of you know where you are in space. And then, notice where you are in relationship to the closest wall behind you. So, turning on your felt sense in your body. It’s the part of you that knows if someone is walking up behind you, even if you can’t see them. It’s also the part of you that knows when a person you love the most is too far away, and you just feel it in your body. And then, notice if there’s one place on your skin where you can feel your clothing touching. Maybe it’s when you breathe, and just put your attention right where you feel your clothing touching your skin. And then, notice the temperature of the air on your skin. Is it too warm? Is it a little too cool? Without needing to do anything about that, just notice what it feels like. And, check out any sounds that you can hear outside of my own voice, and maybe you hear people moving around the office or traffic outside. And, can you be aware of those sounds at the same time that you’re aware of the sound of your own breath? And then, using that same level of sensitivity that you’ve been using to explore your surroundings and the surface of your skin. I’d like for you to take that same level of curiosity inwardly, and just notice if there, any places where you would describe as being tight, or pressured. Maybe you feel places that are spacious and lovely. They are open. Again, you don’t have to fix anything. You don’t have to change anything. You don’t have to figure any of it out. You just notice, and find your presence within this sensation. Notice your energy level, and your mood. And then, if someone who deeply cared for you asked you how are you? And, they actually meant it. Like, they actually want to know how are you. Could you answer that? Could you use the cues that are inside your body right now to honestly say how you are? And, whatever it is, whether it’s anxious, or thrilled, or scared, or frustrated. Can you feel that experience with your breath? Be aware of yourself. Find the part of you that resources you. Relax your belly. Relax your shoulders. Relax your face. And, taking these last few moments here to check in with yourself and see if there’s anything there you need from yourself before you get back to your work, before you get back to what’s next. And then, taking one more deep breath in, and let it go. (air exhales) And opening your eyes. And now that you have more of yourself, getting back to what it is that you need to do. I’ll see you next time.


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