Want to travel the world?

Are you scrolling through holiday pics on social media and wishing you were there? Want to get away from cold, hilly Sheffield? Maybe you thought jetting off to exciting destinations is unaffordable with your tight student budget. There’s actually loads of opportunities and funding available which you might not be aware of. Here are some of my suggestions for how to travel as a student.

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Study Abroad

For those who are keen to travel the globe, study abroad is the perfect option. Most courses allow you to study abroad for a year or a semester, with destinations across the world, including North America, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. There’s a study abroad fair in the first semester every year where you can get more information and talk to students from other countries who have come to Sheffield, and students from Sheffield who have studied abroad. If you receive a University of Sheffield bursary, you’re eligible to apply for alumni scholarships worth up to £3000 to help fund your study abroad. Find out more about the application process and partner universities here.


If you don’t want to venture too far, Erasmus is a great opportunity to study at a partner university in another European country and have it count towards your degree. The University has exchange agreements with over 200 universities across Europe and there is a range of financial support available. Check the eligibility criteria and see where you can go here.

Summer Schools

Looking for something different to do in summer? A summer school could be a fun way to experience different cultures and make new friends whilst learning at the same time. The University offers scholarships to fund students at partner university summer schools. The deadline for these has already passed for this summer, but there are also a range of self-funded opportunities which the Global Opportunities team can offer support with. More information about these can be found here.

Volunteer Schemes

There are millions of volunteer schemes out there, offering once in a lifetime experiences abroad in exchange for your time. These can also look great on your CV. For example, you could volunteer to teach English, or participate in conservation or community projects. But be warned, there are lots of schemes out there which charge a high fee for you to take part, and flights, accommodation and food might not be included so be sure to check the details.


Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences (GLOSS) is a scheme at the University which provides students in the faculty of social sciences with opportunities to be involved in international research. Part of this is The Global Leadership Initiative, which supports students to attend major international summits. Another part of the scheme is SID share, a student-run social enterprise that provides experience in international development. These really are unique opportunities to enhance your international outlook. Check out the web pages to find out more here.

Hopefully you found this blog useful, if you know of any other opportunities leave them in the comments below to help others who want to see the world!

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