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Okay this is a bit complicated for me so I am looking for some advice.

I am an American Citizen studying in an Indian college. The course in that college is pertaining to international standards and encourages us to transfer abroad. They have their set colleges which they have partnered with and want us to tranfter to. But I have other plans.

I’m trying to get myself into UT austin I have the sufficient grades but the problem for me is the Fafsa loan.

Yes I can apply but my dad earns well over the limit of 50000$ to be eligible. Due to other loans he is still paying off he cant afford to pay for the expensive course at UT austin ( I’ll be attempting to transfer after the 2nd year in my college which is when everyone will be doing it in my course ).

I want to go to UT because it has some boxing gyms right there where I can learn and develop my passion in boxing and I have an uncle in dallas. So kinda near by. No i dont have any professional experience in boxing. I do practice in a gym but the facilities in india are too less for me to take it seriously, thats why I want to transfer to UT.I will be trying to apply by october of this year during my 2nd academic year to transfer for the 3rd year at UT.

Any advice on a loan which you guys would recommend and what I should do would be nice. I am thinking of applying for an academic loan but I still dont know my final first year GPA yet.

I know its complicated and seriously even I am confused about what to do. But any advice would be much appreciated and thank you for reading so far, honestly even I am getting a headache reading all of this XD

Edit: Okay so also I forgot to mention, my dad is super unsupportive of my boxing, so me going to US for a finance degree will help me get an excuse to go to US and train under the facilities and also allow me to have a back up plan for the future. You guys know how asian parents are right?

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