How Chelsea went from Google IT Support Learning to a Google Job Offer

Chelsea found success after completing the Google IT Support Professional Certificate. Today, she works as a Data Center Technician at Google’s new data center in Clarksville, Tennessee.

My name is Chelsea Rucker. I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I completed the Google IT Support Professional Certificate on Coursera: I was drawn to the program because Google is my favorite technology company. Just a year ago, I lived in a shelter with my daughters. Thanks to Coursera and the Grow with Google initiative, I’m starting a career with Google that will help me maintain a sustainable lifestyle for my family. The culture at Google leaves so much room for growth — that’s what I love most.  

Here’s my Google IT Support Professional Certificate course list:

The program’s relevant content allowed me to speak knowledgeably throughout my interviews and implement practical uses for what I covered in the courses. I’ve tried so many learning platforms, from in-person classrooms to online courses. Learning with Coursera gave me the flexibility to take courses on my own time. Without the flexibility to get up at 4 am to finish work while my daughters sleep, I’d never have been able to earn my certificate so quickly. I believe education should be open and available to any learner, regardless of their lifestyle or income.

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