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Hey fellow school psychs, I have been doing 2 or more hours of paperwork, emails, phone calls, etc. each night after my contract hours since the beginning of the school year. I have zero time to write reports during the weekdays and I will be spending another weekend writing reports. I am bummed.

My question is my caseload unrealistic?

>975 students, 42 IEP weekly counseling cases, 2 504 weekly counseling cases, 8 non-mandated students, 48 re-evals (split with the other school psych who only comes one day a week), I am expecting to test another 10 or so that will come up through SRBI. I am responsible for counseling and consulting for a behaviorally intensive program run like a classroom within the school. This has taken up a majority of my time recently and I am struggling to support it and my other obligations.

I also meet with teachers on a structured monthly basis to help with Tiered interventions and identification, which usually takes up at least one week a month of just meetings (increased from last year). Also have lunch duty as often as twice a week, which cuts into my group counseling time with kids.

I tried all last year to work with the other school psych to create numerous templates and online documents to speed up a lot of report writing, risk/threat assessments, etc.; grouped counseling students with similar goals; and had to push back a lot of referrals and informal “can you take a look at this kid?” I am working on getting better at saying “No.” but I still feel torn/guilty. Any tips?

But I am running out of ideas to improve my efficiency and productivity. I spoke with my union rep and they said I need to “plan” for my lunch break and “block out” time for a planning period. I feel like that is impossible. Is it unrealistic given my numbers or do other school psychs have this time during their day?

I am going to call my supervisor next week to float the idea of slowly changing the practice of weekly counseling hours to a fixed number of sessions or that run for a fixed amount of weeks. Otherwise, I am running out of ideas and patience at this point. Any suggestions?


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