Personality quiz – what kind of first year are you?

  1. What do you think is the most important quality in a university?
  1. Reputation & quality of education
  2. Interesting courses
  3. Social opportunities
  4. Sports teams
  1. Your typical Thursday night consists of…
  1. Studying for next month’s exams
  2. Rushing to finish your assignment due at midnight
  3. Drinking with friends (it’s practically Friday…)
  4. A gym session followed by a steak (#gains)
  1. You’re hungry… which food do you choose?
  1. A well-balanced salad with seeds, superfoods and the right amount of each food group
  2. Something cheap and vaguely healthy
  3. Left-over pizza from last night, you’re too hungover to cook
  4. Protein, protein and more protein
  1. Which bathroom product are you going steal?
  1. I would never steal
  2. You wouldn’t normally steal but you forgot to buy conditioner and your housemate won’t notice if you take a small amount just this once…
  3. Toilet paper from your lecture building
  4. Deodorant… you’re doing everyone a favour!
  1. Your preferred way to crack the ice at a party?
  1. You don’t do parties, they distract you from your studies
  2. Start conversations by asking people where they’re from, what they’re studying and what they want to do after uni
  3. Turn up with a tray of jelly shots
  4. Arrive with your friends from footie, netball or volleyball training so you don’t have to awkwardly make new friends

So what do your answers mean?!

Mostly As

The Square

You’re attending uni purely for the educational benefits. You have no interests in socialising and only bother with activities that will look good on your CV. And whilst you will most likely come out of the experience with fantastic qualifications and a great job lined up, you could probably learn to relax a little and enjoy yourself once in a while.

Mostly Bs

The All-Rounder

You want to do well at uni but you’re not going to sacrifice your social life for the sake of an extra few marks on your essays. You get your work done on time (just about…) but you also want to enjoy your time at uni and make friends. For you, it’s all about finding a work-life balance.

Mostly Cs

The Party Animal

Who cares about exams and assignments when you can be out drinking and making new friends? Life for you is all about socialising and partying. And although you’ll have lots of funny stories to tell your grandchildren… you should probably try and slip a little bit more studying in to your time at uni!

Mostly Ds

The Athlete

You look great and you’re super healthy. Good for you! Just remember to balance your commitment to exercise with studying and some healthy socialising. Life is there to be enjoyed!

A mix of As, Bs, Cs and Ds…

Congratulations! You’ve somehow managed to be a hard-working, popular and extremely sociable student whilst also maintaining the perfect healthy physique. You are the holy grail of humans, and you probably lied in some of your answers…


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