Potential for international work with EdS?

  1. Concerning International Opps:

I am interested in pursuing an EdS in School Psychology. My long-term gf is an EU citizen and we both would like to move there at some point in the future. Does anyone know if US certification translates to English-speaking schools abroad? (This would be after practicing a few years here in the US)

2. Concerning admissions:

My undergrad is in business (graduated 2014) but this is a career change I want to make for a number of reasons. I have taught English to kids abroad a couple of times but that is the extent of my relevant experience. Assuming I want to apply to programs by the end of the year, what can I do by then to make my experience more competitive with undergrad psych majors?

My dad is a retired school psych and may have a couple of contacts I could ask to shadow for a short period this upcoming fall. Is that possible or would I have to be a current student to be allowed to do that?

3. Do all/most cohorts begin in fall with application deadlines the previous December? This would mean the soonest I could start a program would be Fall 2019, right?

4. I was told by one program that 95% of accepted applicants are undergrad psych majors. Assuming a decent GRE score and a 3.3 GPA in business school, am I a serious long shot?

Any info or feedback on any of these is greatly appreciated!


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