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Sign up for Dashlane and get 10% off the premium subscription: Items I mentioned (*)
– Stasher silicone bags:
– Ringbound planner (mine is a Filofax):
– Epilator:
– White Vinagre:
– Brita water filter: (*) – If you purchase these items through the provided link I will gain a small commission from your purchase. This does not affect the final price in any way. Thank you! Despite considering myself a minimalist person or at least an aspiring minimalist, I also believe that not buying anything is not the answer for all of our problems. Some objects, despite being simple in their nature, are practical and useful and have also replaced future purchases due to their reusable nature. Besides , even if some of those items are higher in quality, which reflects in a higher price tag, their durability tends to pay off in the long run and . So without further ado, here are 7 purchases that simplified my life: 1. The first purchase is incredibly practical and it’s silicone bags instead of individual plastic bags. These little bags can be bought online in Amazon and are great for snacks and sandwiches. They are machine washable, microwave compatible, come in a variety of sizes and are incredibly durable. If you are a fan of meal prepping, these bags can also be used to freeze food. Silicone bags replace all the disposable plastic bags I was using for snacks and leftovers.
2. The second item is a ring bound planner instead of a yearly or academic planner. By investing in a good quality planner that I knew I would love and enjoy for years, I stopped having to worry about constantly buying paper planners. I can insert the exact number of pages that I require for effective planning or to write down my to-dos; I don’t even have to go for branded inserts since all I require is some paper and a hole puncher. A ring bound planner lets you go all out in terms of customization and you can either go for more expensive add-ons or DIY most of your planner. 3. The third thing that simplified my life was getting an epilator instead of having to constantly book waxing appointments. I’ve probably saved hundreds of euros because of this over the years. Maybe for people in colder countries this will not represent a huge saving but for those, like me, who live in warmer places and are usually wearing shorts, tank tops and dresses for almost half of the year, this is a great purchase if your use it with proper care.
4. The fourth item is a yearly, semestral or trimestral pass of online grocery shopping. Since I’m a fan of having my groceries delivered at my house after dinner, having a pass allows me to save almost 8 euros in delivery fees per delivery. With a pass I can do all of my grocery shopping online which allows me to strictly control my budget, order a smaller batch of groceries twice a week without having to worry about going out shopping for the whole week, or paying too much for my food to be delivered in a regular basis. 5. Item number five is white vinagre as a cleaning supply. Investing in a good natural cleaning product instead of a large amount of cleaning products allows me to save on space, decision-making and makes the cleaning process a whole lot simpler in the long run.
6. Item number six is a Brita water filter instead of bottled water. I absolutely hate the taste of tap water where I live but I also hate the idea of stocking on bottles of water… so investing in a Brita water filter was the best solution. I bought mine on sale and order filters in bulk online whenever there’s a price drop. If I have to take water with me on the go, I fill a glass bottle with the filtered water and that’s it. No more bottles lying around and less waste being made on a regular basis. 7. Purchase number 7 is not a specific purchase but rather a shopping choice, and that is high quality clothes in a very particular color pallette. Basically all of my wardrobe matches. I’m not a very colourful person and I rather prefer to wear neutrals instead of color. Decision-making in the morning is almost non-existent, clothes are highly replaceable since they mostly consistent of basics and I can always accessorise with scarves or a different handbag. When I make a purchase I go for quality instead of brand and I learned how to take care of my clothes thoroughly to make sure they last as long as possible. ► s u b s c r i b e F T C : This video is sponsored by Dashlane. Music by Epidemic Sound: #adulting

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How to Study for Your HSC Economics Trial Exams [HSC Economics Review Episode #4]

In Episode #4 of our new HSC Economic Review segment, Terry and Rowan map out a step by step plan for how you should study for your HSC Economics Trial exam! Need more support for HSC Economics ► In this Episode #4 we discuss: – The role your study notes should play in your exam prep for HSC Economics
– Why you need to be writing essay questions
– The specific key topics and essay questions you should focus on for HSC Economics
– How you can stay on top of the statistics for your exam Have more questions about HSC Economics? Leave them in the comments – we’d love to hear from you! So take a second and say ‘Hey’ and ask a question 😉 — FOLLOW ART OF SMART FACEBOOK: HSC RESOURCES:
Subscribe for more vids ► — ABOUT #AOSTV At Art of Smart we’re on a mission to help you answer the difficult question, “What am I going to do with my life when I finish school, and how do I get there?” We provide world-class K-12 tutoring and mentoring to help you get options for life after school, career and leadership mentoring to help you develop the skills needed when you finish school, and help you road test your dream careers. Everything we do is based on over 8 years of research with Australia’s top students, and work with over 10,000 students around Australia. Find out more here:

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Professor Spotlight: Dr. Ian Kerr (University of Ottawa)

Episode 5 of Adam Vassallo‘s Prof Talks podcast features Dr. Ian Kerr of  University of Ottawa. In this episode, they talked about autonomous vehicles, AI in hospitals, and autonomous weapon systems. Here’s our takeaways: Dr. Ian Kerr Full Professor, Law, University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON, Canada) Canada Research Chair in Ethics, Law & Technology Education: […]

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21-Year-Old Former Refugee and Current Aerospace Engineering Student Creates Her First Invention 

Shoushi Bakarian is far from where she was just three years ago. Then, she was in Lebanon as part of a Syrian refugee family with great uncertainty of where life would take them. Now, she’s a third-year aerospace engineering student at Concordia University in Montreal.  Bakarian currently holds two part-time jobs in her field of […]

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