Learning Solibri Office

Solibri Office is the industry-leading quality assurance solution for BIM validation, code checking, and collaboration. This course teaches the essential tools and techniques you need to get started. Instructor Shaun Bryant reviews the Solibri interface and toolset, showing how to open existing files and create new projects. He then introduces the classification system, which allows for the easy categorizing of elements and spaces in the Solibri project model as well as creating rules for information takeoff. Next learn how to check and compare model versions, generate reports, and create presentation-worthy materials and visualizations. Plus, find out how to configure multiple takeoff definitions and produce detailed information takeoffs.

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20 Questions to Improve Learning at Your Organization

There is a simple set of questions that can help you improve the learning and development of your employees. In this powerful, short course from Britt Andreatta, PhD, you can learn how to effectively deliver powerful learning experiences by answering these 20 questions. Learn how to understand needs, solve learning problems, and design learning experiences that get results. Britt also shares how to conduct learning events, extend learning to make it really stick, and measure your results.

This course was created by Madecraft. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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Securing the IoT: Introduction

The Internet of Things (IoT) is how devices on the Internet communicate through omnipresent sensors. Since its inception, consumers have connected smart devices to the network at an exponential rate, bringing us closer to a future where everyday things all interconnect. In this course—the first in a series that focuses on securing the Internet of Things—you can get started with this essential concept.

Lisa Bock kicks off the course with an overview of IoT, and the types of IoT devices designed to improve the quality of life in homes and businesses. Lisa covers different networks that range in size and purpose—LANS, WANS and PANS—and explains how businesses invest heavily in IoT in order to keep a competitive edge, going into IoT developments in automobiles, building automation, and the medical field. She then evaluates consumer devices, such as wearables and mobile devices. Plus, she discusses zero-configuration networking, service discovery, designing IoT security, and more.

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Creating a Poster with Adobe Mobile Apps

Adobe mobile apps enable designers and artists to take their sketching and ideation workflows on the go—anywhere they can bring a smartphone or tablet. In this course, instructor Tony Harmer introduces a variety of Adobe mobile apps that complement the company’s desktop tools, showing how to leverage each app to pull together a simple poster design. Tony shows how to use Photoshop Sketch and Adobe Fresco to sketch out your ideas, create a color scheme for your project, create shapes using Adobe Capture, and work with images using Photoshop Fix, Mix, and Photoshop on the iPad. Follow along to learn about the power of these apps and how this toolset can play an important role in your creative process. Tony finishes by taking the project into Adobe Comp and showing how to create and export your final poster.

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Microsoft Teams Tips Weekly

Get more out of Microsoft Teams, the popular communication and collaboration app. Each Monday Nick Brazzi shares tips and shortcuts to help you be more productive and efficient with this powerful tool. Learn how to get the most out of the core features in Teams—including chat, video calls, and conversation channels—and discover other powerful features: bots and other AI-powered tools, background effects, @mentions, advanced meeting options, and more.

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Your New Mexico Student Loan Guide to Borrowing and Repayment

Note that the situation for student loans has changed due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and relief efforts from the government and many lenders. Check out our Student Loan Hero Coronavirus Information Center for additional news and details. *          *          * As a student in […]

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a productive day working from home.

Start planning with Notion today for FREE: https://bit.ly/notionjulymariana I’ve published a video two or three months ago where I described how I organized my work during the day and what was the type of software I used to plan everything and work properly, but I wanted to show you something that describes my routine a little bit more in depth. I know that a lot of you think that YouTube is my job but I actually work full time in legal services and YouTube is something I have to do during my spare time, like my lunch break, the weekends, or something I have to incorporate in my morning and evening routine. I’m still in lockdown actually so I have been working from home since March and my routine is now pretty solid. So, just like I said in a past video, I sit down to work at 9 am and I avoid getting online for at least 30 minutes so I can get prepared for the day – this means checking my Outlook calendar and taking note of any meetings or deadlines due that day, I check progress on current projects and finally I check and organize my to-do list for the day. I feel like I’ve finally reached planner peace lately – I use a digital planner to do all of my daily and weekly planning and I use Notion for long-term projects and static organization systems. You can find all about that in my past two videos, which I will link down below. After going online I check my inbox and organize any incoming mail using the three-pronged method I mentioned in that video and after that is taken care of, it’s time to do some work. Because I’m a huge morning person I prefer to start the day off by completing any tasks that take 5 minutes or less and then start tackling the hardest projects. For me, one of the hardest projects I can have at work is a long meeting. If any of you consider yourselves introverted then you know that a 2 hour meeting is the hardest task you’ll face during your workday. Whenever I have one of those coming up on my calendar I make sure to prepare myself well, both regarding anything I want to say in particular, or in regards to studying thoroughly any kind of document that will be discussed during the meeting. I also make sure to check off any tasks as I complete them. At eleven am or so I take Chester out for a short walk. My fiancé has gone back to work so since it’s not advisable to send our puppy back to daycare he stays only with me during the workday, which means I have to always remember his schedule, even if I’m working on something important. After getting back home I conctrate on doing one more hour of really focused work before I go for my lunch break. And going for my lunch break in this case means closing my laptop and trying to make space for my lunch at my working desk. My biggest pet peeve while working from home is having to prepare lunch from scratch during my break so I make sure that I prepare one or two meals the day before. Before eating I make sure I feed Chester and then i’m off to my one hour lunch break. I usually use this time for the not-so-glamorous task of cleaning the dishes after lunch and I use my spare time to read or watch something on Netflix. I advise everyone who works at home to use their lunch break to really get some me-time and enjoy the break as much as possible because that makes going back to work much easier. In case you’re terrible about staying accountable regarding your leisure time, just schedule a daily alarm that lets you remember when you should go back to work after lunch. I like to spend my morning in silence because I feel that’s when I do my best work but during the afternoon I like to pick some soft music to listen to while I work. And I’m not gonna lie, most days I’ll listen to really random stuff like Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy soundtracks and, today, a 2 hour playlist of Animal Crossing music with rain ambience sounds. It just reminds me of that time in college where I spent so much time studying in libraries and coffeeshops and because I can’t have that back, at least I try to recover that old feeling. Around 3 pm I take Chester on a potty break and then I do another focused burst of work until around 5 to 6 pm. By then, it’s time to **wrap up my day.** I check progress on current projects and start typing down the tasks I’ll have to do for the following day, incuding e-mails I have to sent, people I have to talk to or meetings I have to prepare. This allows me to quickly jump right back into work the following morning without spending too much time wondering what I have to do. By that time, if everything’s prepped and if my goals were completed by that time, I call it a day. FTC: This video is sponsored by Notion.

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Education Department Announces 5 New Federal Loan Servicers

The Department of Education announced it signed contracts in June with five federal loan servicers that it hopes will bring the long-awaited Next Gen platform to fruition. F.H. Cann & Associates, Maximus Federal Services and Trellis Company, along with two holdovers from the current list of nine servicers — the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority […]

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