EDU.AI Survey

Hello everyone, I and a group of colleagues have begun work on EDU.AI, an early education program that uses AI technology to curate individualized educational content for 3-6-year-old children. This comes as a response to rising early education costs and increased desire for flexible digital learning. The service will be subscription-based and offer fields of knowledge including phonetics, reading, spelling and other basic skills that set children up for future success. The product will be available for consumer use, as well as institutional use (if a preschool/kindergarten pays for the subscription, they can use it to supplement the learning) It is adaptive, engaging and offers a science-backed approach to learning. By using an AI algorithm, we are able to ensure that we can address each student’s learning needs and styles. We will have content for students that are auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learners, allowing young children to grasp foundational concepts efficiently and effectively.

We are currently performing background market research to explore the feasibility and effectiveness of this product. We need your help to explore and more accurately address the flaws with the current system. To do so, we’ve created a 6 question, multiple-choice survey containing questions to gauge perception with the early education experience and to gauge interest in our product. Your input and experiences would be greatly appreciated, have a great day.

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