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College tours in Alberta are getting cancelled due to COVID-19. Many are now turning to virtual tours to help students choose a school for next year.

(This is part of our series on virtual college tours across Canada. You can click to view the articles for British Columbia, Manitoba & SaskatchewanOntarioQuébec, Atlantic Canada, or the Territories)

Students are understandably concerned that many college tours in Alberta aren’t happening as planned. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to learn about these schools.

Choosing the right college is a big decision and campus tours are a great tool to help with it. That’s why many schools are sending students to virtual college tours to help them explore the campuses and get their questions answered. We’re putting together a massive list (and updating it) to keep track of all the virtual college tours in Alberta.

ABM College of Health and Technology

ABM College tours in Alberta

Watch their video slideshow to get a sense of the look and feel of this college in Calgary. If you’re interested, find program and admission information here or some additional images on their Instagram.

Burman University

Burman University college tours in Alberta

Get a quick, aerial view of the campus with a video here.  For everything you need to know about this Lacombe school, your best bets are their official website or their Facebook page.

Keyano College

Keyano College tours in Alberta

Watch a short, narrated video tour of this Fort McMurray school here. They have an official page dedicated to COVID-19 updates and additional communications coming from Facebook.

Work at a college that isn’t listed? Have additional resources to share? Get in touch with us! This list will keep growing with more information on all the virtual college tours in Alberta that we can find.

Connor Briggs-Morris

Connor Briggs-Morris

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