Weekly Roundup: 7 Juicy Stories You Missed This Week

With life’s busy schedule, it’s hard for most of us to dig through all of the information thrown our way. Each week we scour the media universe to find the most interesting and helpful articles, so you don’t have to. Take a look at what we’re reading this week.

7 weird examples of how women pay more than men for the same products

The so-called “pink tax” has been around for quite some time and has only recently begun to be addressed. While women continue to fight for pay equality and social equality, instances of companies rolling out often overpriced products marketed as “for women” continue to highlight discrimination. Here are some of the wackier examples of this gendered marketing. (HuffPost)

30 ways the world is taking bold climate action

Climate change is getting worse at an alarming rate according to some experts. And while it may seem like the problem is insurmountable and the world isn’t doing anything, many countries are working toward a greener planet. Check out these initiatives that are attempting to tackle the different causes of climate change. (The Street).

Here’s how to book your dream vacation on a budget

Finding an affordable vacation destination is fairly simple — the world is huge, and there are endless options for finding something new at a good price point. The issue then is often getting to that destination where the costs can quickly add up. Use these tips for booking cheap travel before you break the bank on that flight. (Buzzfeed)

You can now rent luxurious castles, villas, and islands on Airbnb

If you’re in the market for a high-end luxury vacation, Airbnb wants to help! The online home-sharing site once known for its cheap hotel alternatives is now offering luxury rentals upwards of $1,000 a night. It’s not for everyone, but the company has seen a massive uptick in interest for these experiences. They may be out of reach, but it’s nice to dream. (My Domaine)

A mob boss, a garbage boat, and why we recycle

Keeping a recycling bin at home now might feel like second nature. Whether you separate glass and plastics from paper goods or streamline all your recyclables together, the practice has become widely common across homes in the U.S. But how did it all begin? (NPR: Planet Money)

How to make working on vacation (if you insist) more bearable

Whether you’re a freelancer who needs to work on their getaway or a workaholic who just wants to keep up while they’re out of office, working on vacation doesn’t have to be miserable. These tips can help you stay productive while still enjoying your time away. (Girlboss)

How much does it cost to have a baby? (hint: brace yourselves)

It’s no secret that having kids is expensive. Just consider how much it costs to keep yourself alive in terms of food and shelter, and then think about paying for that for another human who literally can’t pay for things themselves for a while. Here’s a breakdown of the estimated costs for having a baby and tips for saving. (Purewow)

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