What to do about loud and disruptive student neighbours

I[26M] and my fiance [25F] are having problems with with the student household next door. We are fairly new parents too an 8 month old girl and the constant loud parties are becoming a real problems. They party until 5 or 6 in the morning 4 nights a week blasting loud music and there’s people smoking some of them even smoking pot around our house. I have tried too talk too them but they keep saying they will try too be quieter but they just don’t. I really don’t want to complain too landlords or the police or something like that I was a student myself and only stopped the party lifestyle a couple of years ago so I get it but they keep waking my daughter and causing me too get barley any sleep when I have too get up early for work. They are being very disrespectful there is beer cans and other crap all over my garden and non of them make any effort too clean up. Any suggestions of what I can try guys?


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