Weekly Roundup: 7 Canny Stories You Missed This Week

With life’s busy schedule, it’s hard for most of us to dig through all the information thrown our way. Each week we scour the media universe to find the most interesting and helpful articles, so you don’t have to. Take a look at what we’re reading this week.

Melinda Gates says this failure changed her career forever

Long before she was the sixth-most-powerful woman in the world, Melinda Gates was just starting out at Microsoft, and like most people made her fair share of mistakes. But in her new book, she talks about how she bounced back and learned from them. (Money)

When you get married can make a difference financially

Many people like to talk about the fun and romantic aspects of marriage. A mushy love story, an adorable courtship and a beautiful wedding all usually make for light and happy conversation topics. But far fewer people like to talk about the financial aspect of marriage. Here’s why they should. (The Balance)

12 financial tips all millennials should bookmark immediately

Plenty of articles on how millennials are broke, in debt and bad with money have been circulating for years, but few about how to help them have gone as viral. These tips can help millennials start getting the financial education they need to succeed. (Buzzfeed)

How to deal with depression and anxiety in the workplace

Nearly a third of adults report being more anxious this year than they were last year, according to the American Psychiatric Association. Getting to the root of what’s causing people to feel this way can be difficult, but it’s important to look at factors like work environment to understand how to combat these feelings. (Yahoo Finance)

4 money-saving tips for summer from a financial advisor

Summer can be full of fun, but that often comes at a price. Between vacations, air-conditioning costs and activities, it can be easy to overspend while you’re basking in the sun. Before you blow your budget, check out these tips to keep your finances on track. (Style Salute)

Fastest-growing careers with the most new jobs

If you’re heading into the workforce for the first time or looking for a new industry, follow the jobs! These fields are expected to explode over the next few years, so you’re sure to find opportunities. (The Street)

7 proposed changes to the law that could affect your wallet in 2020

As politicians and other leaders continue to announce their intentions to run for president in the 2020 election, some have released their plans for change. These are the proposals you should pay attention to as we head into the election season. (HuffPost)

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Here are the top 6 lenders of 2019!

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