Take a trip to Cutlery Works at Kelham Island

Kelham Island is quickly becoming one of the busiest hubs for food, drinks and entertainment in Sheffield and you do not want to be the last to hear about it! Already home to the fantastic Peddler Night Market (a blog post I recently complied for you all), Kelham Island is quickly getting a reputation for hosting some great food and drink events.

So, Cutlery Works is in (yes, you guessed it), an old steel cutlery works building, located around the corner from Church – The Temple of Fun (also home to the Make No Bones eatery) and down the road from the home of the Peddler Night Market. Open since November 2018, Cutlery Works is very popular, providing you with a unique food-hall style eating experience.

Getting to Cutlery Works:

Cutlery Works is easily accessible using a taxi or Uber. You can also get the tram towards Kelham Island and take a short walk from there. There is a limited amount of parking near Cutlery Works so if you do plan on going in the evening and are driving, get there early enough to secure a spot along one of the side roads nearby. I would definitely recommend travelling via a taxi to save the trouble.


When you arrive at Cutlery Works you may have to queue on busy nights! Usually the queue doesn’t take too long to go down but there are nights where it’s very busy.

If you are disabled, using a pram, or find stairs difficult, there is a lift that is accessible via the ground floor food hall; to the left upon entering through the doors, you will find a lift that will take you the first floor.

Cutlery Works is also notably family and dog-friendly which means there are often lots of lovely dogs sitting around hoping you will stroke them (or feed them off your plate!) If you wish to avoid families and babies, I would suggest visiting later in the evening; weekend day-times tend to be quite popular for families to come and visit.

On the ground floor, you enter through a set of double doors to be greeted by seven different food traders; Fritti, The Gravy Train, Fin and Bone by Table, Ma-Ba, Pie-Eyed, Bullion and Elly-Joy. The Gravy Train has recently made its debut appearance at the Sheffield Student Union Street Food Festival (another blog post to come on that) which makes the most delicious poutine so some of you may have already experienced them. Ma-Ba are an Indian food vendor, with various curries, including vegetarian and vegan options, and even a Thali sharing platter. Elly Joy is a gluten-free and dairy-free dessert company (their popular Doughnots are sold in the famous Steam Yard on Division Street!) providing brownies, cookie dough and their unique froconut – coconut ice cream. There is also a bar along the front wall facing the road which provides all your alcoholic and non-alcoholic needs. They also have some fresh pressed juices which are really refreshing and make great mixers!

On the first floor you enter a beautifully lit area which is bursting with colour thanks to the Vietnamese lanterns courtesy of Five Rivers. Many of you will likely already recognise Five Rivers from its gloriously orange coffee shop in the heart of Broomhill, with many of us having walked past it a thousand times when living in Endcliffe and Ranmoor residences as Freshers. Five Rivers has its own dedicated seating area like the set-up of their Broomhill restaurant with the cushions and rugs and low tables. Opposite Five Rivers during the day time is Foundry Coffee Roasters, serving various hot drinks, iced teas and vegan and gluten-free cakes and brownies, however they stop serving at 5pm. There is also Edo Sushi who are always incredibly busy – you always see sushi being delivered to various tables around Cutlery Works! At the back you have the Pop bar serving cocktails and Boozehound serving local Sheffield lagers and ciders. Then right at the back, for all that vegan goodness, is Shed, whose menu is entirely plant-based.

Breakfast and brunch:

Many vendors provide a brunch or breakfast menu; Shed has an extensive brunch menu that runs until 3pm and a breakfast menu consisting of some gorgeous smoothie bowls. Elly Joy on the ground floor has a granola; Fin and Bone do a fantastic Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon on crumpets; The Gravy Train do their take on a Full English breakfast, with waffles and curly sausages, as do Five Rivers upstairs, providing meat, vegetarian and vegan options with their Vietnamese Full English and Banh Mi (breakfast baguette).

Lunch and dinner:

Every vendor caters for main meals, or small sides that you can share with your friends and family (or scoff for yourself.) The above mentioned the Ma-Ba Thali dish is perfect to share, The Gravy Train’s Poutine dishes, some sushi from Edo Sushi or chicken wings and spring rolls from Five Rivers! Fin & Bone do some fantastic burgers if you’re looking for a main meal, or a pie from Pie-Eyed complete with mash and mushy peas, or topped with a scotch egg to fill you up further. You can even just park up on one of the benches and sit there all night ordering off your phone to sample dishes from all the different food vendors under the roof of Cutlery Works. There is an app that is signposted all over the building so you can order without leaving your seat; good idea when it’s super busy and people are queuing for a free space!

And to finish…:

Dessert! Most vendors do provide a dessert option (The Gravy Train’s Beavertail… yes please! Or Elly Joy’s cookie dough and froconut!) so if you’re looking for a full three course meal experience, Cutlery Works can provide you with everything you need. It really is a very unique dining experience and something that has already been replicated down in the City Centre – Kommune! Go give them a try too.

I hope this blog post has got you feeling hungry and you are now interested in trying out Cutlery Works for yourself, if you haven’t already. And when you’re done, you can head off to Church next door!

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