Lost my dream flat just because my occupation is a student

Why is it that when you say the word student no letting agencies want to take you for a normal flat…. good luck feeling like a normal human. They hear the word student they’re like NO SORRY. But why? Legit like please tell me why. One estate agent goes: you need a full time job or we don’t trust students. What the hell. We don’t have a full time job – fair enough but we get a loan which we can use. Plus we do have a stable income of the loan coming in every couple months. It is up to the person to make a payment just like in a full time job. Both parties are binded by a contract. We possibly might not pay rent on time – Same thing goes for people with a full time job. I don’t understand if you’re giving someone a contract and they don’t pay… you can take legal action against them for both students and ‘normal working people’. They trash the place – first of all you get references which can check what type of tenant you are for both students and normal people. Both parties can trash the place.

I don’t get why we are expected to stay in halls or be in a house share. Like hello maybe I want to have a normal flat and normal life. Looks like I had a Tesco full time I’d have a higher chance of getting the flat, instead of making a better future for myself. (All in the UK btw)

It’s like everyone doesn’t give a shit and can’t do anything. Long story short boyfriends been assaulted by a flatmate. Police says sorry we keep him (flatmate) for 24h and release him. So basically saying we’re making it worse and I don’t think I want to get stabbed thanks. Letting agency doesn’t give a flying shit and is telling us to sort it out between ourselves. So basically we have to end up in hospital for something to be done.

Calling god knows how many flats and no one takes students for no reason. I do not understand. I really don’t.

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