7 tips to feel more motivated study when the weather is nice

This time of the year has arrived. It’s May, and hard to believe that the academic year is about to end. Summer is around the corner, and with it, exams and deadlines. If it’s not hard enough to study sometimes, the weather is not helpful. Sunny and long days are here, the sun is out, we are happier and everything feels right.

And I wonder who wants to study when the weather feels nice again?

I don’t, but I have to. These are my tips for making the study more bearable.

Study outside

Why having to choose one or the other when you can have both? Study or sun? Study outside. I strongly recommend being outside when you don’t need a computer. Print your notes, papers to read, anything you need, and take it with you outside. If you have to use your computer, look for a spot in the shade.

Credit: Judith

Have lunch in the sun

Because you are human, you have basic needs, like eating. In addition, for your sake, you should take breaks that refresh your brain. Take any moment you won’t be studying to be outside in the sun. It’s time to make up for all the vitamin D you didn’t get during the winter season.

Credit: Judith

Reward your study time

Throughout the course, we’ve all been having Fika at one point of the day, but it never tasted as good as the Fika you have between your study periods. The fact that we are studying doesn’t mean we have to break our routines. These activities are the perfect reward for your work. Setting goals will motivate you to be more productive, and will feel good after you achieve them.

I’m finishing this report and then Fika! I will study these two more pages and Fika! Ok, 5 more maths problems and Fika!

Credit: Judith

If you study inside, look for a table next to the window

I understand that sometimes it’s inconvenient to be outside in the sun. You might need your computer and there’s no shade around, the sun heat starts to feel too strong and I’m sweating or even worse, my skin color is turning red. After all, we’ve been 8 months in the cold and darkness, and your body needs time to acclimate. It’s time to go back inside but try to find a table next to a window, at least you will have sunlight.

Credit: Judith

Study with your colleagues

Luckily, you are not the only one who has to study. Meet your friends at the library or any study room to motivate each other. You will feel better and less frustrated if you study with other people.

Credit: Judith

But remember the goal is to be productive and get some work done, not to gossip (more than the usual).

Be productive on rainy days

Yes, it’s sunny and warm outside almost every day, but let’s not forget we are still in Sweden and the weather can change anytime. It can surprises you in a good and bad way. Therefore, you should take advantage of the days the weather is not so nice and you can’t spend outside. Find a café, a library or stay at home to be productive and get some time extra on days when the sun is out and shining.

Credit: Judith

Now that you’ve read this post, I hope you feel more motivated for going back to study. Good luck with your exams!!

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