That final year feeling

In just under three weeks, I will have finished my fourth year of University. Scrap that. In just under three weeks, I will have finished University. Completely done. Boop. Cya.

Photo: Balfour Ohio Yearbooks

It’s a strange feeling, I have to admit, and one that’s only just really begun to hit me.  Last week I handed in my dissertation (which felt like parting with a limb I had become so attached to it) and I realised that was the last piece of written work I’d do for my degree. This week I had my last ever day of clinical placement which means next time I step into a Speech and Language Therapy role, I will be qualified. I won’t be a student anymore!

At the start of this year it felt like the end of University was so far in the distance I wouldn’t ever reach it, and all of a sudden it’s hurtling towards me at an uncontrollable rate.  Honestly, I don’t know how I feel. There have been so many things I’ve enjoyed about University; Sheffield itself, my independence, nights out, meeting new people, my degree (mostly – lol) and part of me wants to cling on to student life for a bit longer.  But then, another part of me is so ready to finish education after years of studying and preparing for exams.  I have to admit, I’m quietly freaking out about what I’m going to do after University but thinking about it, I also couldn’t care less about the uncertainty.

I guess I’m trying to normalise my confused feelings by writing this post, because surely there’s no right way to feel? The end of an era is approaching and I’m kind of stepping into the unknown. What I do know though, is that I wouldn’t change anything about my University experience and I’m thankful for all it’s taught me.

Here’s to the road ahead!

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