It’s that time of the year again…


The most dreadful time of the university year, the month we don’t see coming, and then BAM, it’s here (Week 11 already?). As a student, no doubt this is one of the most stressful times of the year, somehow more so than January.  The anticipation for summer holidays, the realisation of university coming to an end for some of you, first year coming to an end for others. But hey… at least the weather will better during exams – also not the best thing. How do they expect us to be sitting in the library the whole day, or doing an exam, when it’s bright and sunny outside?

As the panic creeps in to all of us, it’s important we are aware of our physical and mental health, and not letting the stress get the better of us. Here’s a few things to help you not fall into the traps of those unhealthy stress levels.

  1. Don’t blame yourself too much

Constantly giving yourself a hard time for “not doing enough” or “I’m going to fail at this rate” or “why didn’t I stick to my schedule” isn’t good for yourself. A little of this may be helpful to stay disciplined, but too much of it can be demotivating, and lower your energy levels!

  1. Be realistic with those targets

You’re not super-human and won’t be able to sit down and finish 10 revision topics in one day! Set goals that you can achieve, otherwise you’ll just end up stressing more or not actually learning anything in the aim of trying to finish your goal.

  1. Give yourself a break!

A lot of us think that focusing all our time and energy on studying will help us for our exam. It may sound like the right thing to do – as we want to give it our all. But this can back fire, just like too much self-criticism. Take your time out and do things you enjoy. It is important to give your brain a break to digest all that information you’re feeding it! It’ll help boost your energy too.

Like they say – Treat Yo Self! (This does not mean binge watching a whole season of a show because that’s what you enjoy).

  1. Too. Much. Coffee.

It is very easy for some of us to reach out for a cup of coffee every time we need to boost our energy or to help us continue studying. It may help us for an hour, but definitely won’t do you any good in the long run.

Stay hydrated, eat healthy meals – don’t skip ‘em! And make sure you give yourself enough sleep.

  1. Stop comparing

It is natural for us to think about how much better your friends are doing at studying, or how much you are slacking compared to your coursemates, or even the person sat next to you in the IC! This is only going to make you feel worse, doubt your own capability, and performance.

Focus on yourself, and go at your own pace.

  1. Talk to someone

If your stress is getting the better of you, and affecting your health and work motive, talk to a friend or family. It’ll help you feel better about it, so you can continue studying. If not any of those, the University has plenty of support they will be able to offer you.

Don’t beat yourself up too much about it, you’re definitely not alone. Put your health above all and make sure you’re not letting the stress take over. Lastly – you’re going to be fine ?

Good luck!

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