Celebrating finishing third year…

Having now finished my third year in civil engineering, it’s time to celebrate! The final task I had this year was a group presentation of my conceptual project to the lead engineer and the architect. A grueling task with tons of hard questions!
What’s next?
First I am going to celebrate, I’m flying to Madrid to enjoy some sun, shopping, and good food! Despite Dundee being Scotlands sunniest city, I sometimes need more sun! After that, I’m flying to Stockholm to meet an old friend from School who is working in London. The flights via Stockholm to Edinburgh cost £24! A bargain. Although I have heard horrors about the cost of Stockholm!
Stockholm is supposed to be an incredible city, having never been I’m extremely excited. There is apparently a must visit ABBA museum, which my friend has penciled in for day one!
However, my summer plans are not all traveling, although I hope to do quite a lot.
Having been lucky enough to get an internship with Mott Macdonald based in Aberdeen I will spend most of my summer traveling to Aberdeen and leaving how a design consultancy works, something I am extremely excited for as I hope it will help with my fourth year and aid me in picking a specialism.
I also hope to use it to help make a decision on whether I am going to continue my studies to a Master of Engineering or will I finish after my fourth year, a tough decision that I’m hoping to get looks of experience and advice before making a decision.
I was also extremely lucky to get picked for a software design course run and organized by a civil engineering lecture aimed to give students a good understanding of a range of design software, which I’m hoping with be interesting, help me with my placement and help me in the fourth year! A year I am extremely nervous for, having seen how much work the year above have!
A packed summer, but one I am extremely excited for.

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