Penn’s Dr. Susan Davidson on Women in STEM and New Trajectories Into Computer Science

Over the past decade, computer science has gone from a topic for specialists to an essential tool for professionals in nearly every field. Dr. Susan Davidson of the University of Pennsylvania has been at the forefront of this sea change, including co-founding one of the first research centers for bioinformatics in the country. In this […]

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How to Use the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Help Tool

If you’re currently pursuing Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), you might be unsure about whether you qualify. Although thousands of people have applied for PSLF, some people have been disqualified because they either didn’t follow the proper application procedure or thought they qualified but didn’t. PSLF can be a confusing program to navigate, but it […]

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how to adult // 10 tips from my early twenties

Sign up for Dashlane and get 10% off the premium subscription: The first thing I learned is that I don’t like cooking as much as I want to like cooking. Although I do it on a very regular basis, I fantasized with the concept of daily cooking as a way to express my creativity and create new recipes every single day. However, my experience showed me that cooking is only fun when I do it for other people. If I have to eat something for lunch, I prefer to make a sandwich or heat up leftovers because the whole process of producing a meal from scratch just to eat it during a work break is just not worth it for me. Secondly, separating accounts in terms of goals changed my entire mindset about money. Instead of having a main saving account, I decided to divide my money into an emergency account, an account for my student debt and my other goals, just like saving for a PhD. The third thing I learned is that automating bills doesn’t work for me. I prefer to individually transfer everything in the same day of the month instead of having to wait for the cable, electricity and water companies to deduct that money from my account in different days of the month. Also, managing expectations from everyone is hard. Since now your decision-making is almost entirely yours and there are way more things and more people to manage, some times you’ll find yourself in a conunmdrum about some of your choices you make and the effect they have on your life and the life of the people around you. Learning how to be productive at home is the key to a balanced life and it will be especially useful and important if you work from home. This can be even harder if you live in a relatively small space that forces you to work or do most of your productive tasks in the same space where you live or sleep, or you have to hang out with other people. Managing that balance takes a lot of time and also requires some rebalancing but it’s nevertheless a key aspect of your life, and the soon you master that, the better. Tip number six is that sharing a schedule with a partner can be made easy with the right tools. For instance, sharing a calendar or a worskpace in a productivity app like Notion will allow you to have some things aligned. Of course this doesn’t eliminate the need to talk and be in touch with whoever you live with, be it a romantic partner or not, but it makes life much simpler, especially in things concerning household chores, paying bills and things like that. Tied to this last one is the next lesson. Basically, splitting household chores and rotating that routine on a weekly or monthly basis is a bad policy overall. In my experience it’s much better to simply decide, on a first stage, what are the things that you absolutely hate to do and the things that you actually take some pleasure out of doing (and in my case that’s anything related to laundry) and see if your dislikes match. Than decide exactly what’s the part of the house assigned to each of you, establish a schedule that works and that’s it. It grants you autonomy, each person can become better at their specific task and it’s overall less confusing. Lesson number 8 is that managing plans for the future will give you trouble sleeping at night. And as much as I would like to tell you that it will all be over soon, I can’t lie. As soon as you become fully independent, pondering and weighing your life choices and future plans will be a constant basis of your daily life. The trick is to make things a little more relative and understand that everyone is going through the same. Also, learning to admit defeat, say no and delegate tasks is a crucial skill to learn. Sometimes we would all love to be supermen and superwomen but as soon as tasks and expectations start piling up it’s impossible to keep up with everything that’s happening around you. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to prioritize your time, your relationships and your projects, and learn how to say no, how to say you’re simply not capable of doing something or simply reaching out to someone you trust and ask for help. Finally, maintaining a fitness routine is hard and although there’s no reason for it to be hard you should give yourself a pat on the back when you actually accomplish things. I remember that when I was in my early college years I was incredibly regular at the gym and nowadays I find that it’s so much harder to keep up with it. There’s always something to clean, a meal to cook, more projects to work on. Any time I am actually able to progress in my fitness routine I have to give myself a pat on the back and congratulate myself for keeping up with it and I think you should, too. ► s u b s c r i b e F T C : This video is sponsored by Dashlane. Music by Epidemic Sound: #adulting

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Allowance for Kids: Should You Pay For Chores?

Picture this: As you race to put the final touches on dinner, you notice that your daughter has voluntarily bagged up the garbage and taken it outside. It’s a small but welcomed gesture — one you’d like to encourage to become a habit, not just a one-time act of kindness. But is instituting an allowance […]

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North, East, South, West: Four Corners of Gothenburg

If you’ve read some of my previous blogposts, you might know that I’ve moved house a few times since I came to live in Sweden. While this was frustrating at times, on the positive side it has allowed me to explore every part of the city! In this post, I’ll share some photographs of the […]

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How to put on an art exhibition

There are two student-run galleries at the University of Gothenburg’s fine art campus where I study photography, and any art student can apply to have an exhibition there. Early this semester, my classmates and I decided it was time to have a group exhibition of our work. So, after months of planning, organisation and doing […]

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