Third-year is almost done…..

Having now handed in all my laboratory reports, essays, and conceptual project and completed my two exams I have almost finished my third year of civil engineering. All I have left is my conceptual project presentation on the 1st of May. I will be on the first flight from Edinburgh to Madrid on Thursday for a WELL deserved break!
My first exam was on Steel and Concrete structure, based off using euro codes I needed to use two huge databooks and analyze steel beams, connections and concrete slabs, and columns. A 2-hour exam to do four questions was extremely tough, time was an issue, I was writing until the final second.
My second and final exam was geomechanics, having to answer three questions on everything we had done this year, I had focused my revision and luckily this paid off as the questions I have hoped came up. Having completed a series of coursework in this module had made revision easier as I had worked for hours on different coursework learning about different aspects of the subject.
Having been tested for dyslexia at the University of Dundee, I was given extra time and allowed to use a computer which made some of the writing aspects of exams easier for me.  I would totally recommend getting in contact with the disability services at Dundee is you are struggling with anything, as soon as you can it was so helpful.
With my last presentation for the third year almost over I use this time to reflect over the past year which has flown past, I cannot believe it. I am now looking forward to starting my internship with Mott Macdonald this summer and my design software course organized by the Civil engineering department of the University of Dundee. With the fourth year being a hard year for me I intend to use the summer to prepare for it and focus on things I have lost focus on over the semester such as learning Spanish and distract myself from the terrors I have heard about from higher years.

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