Campus life at the University of Dundee

One of my favourite things about Dundee is the city campus, not only is it small and compact with lots of quiet green spaces it is also next to the centre of Dundee, this makes student life extremely easy as you don’t need to take a bus anywhere! Its so much of a student city a bridge was built over a railway to cut to journey for students to Tesco extra to 10 minutes from the campus, needless to say, this is amazing when you are carrying the bags back.

Studying in any university has its low points, being indoors stuffy and head saturated from studying, however, the campus university can help aid this, lunch can be taken in numerous area around campus, including a ‘secret garden’. This break in the sun can make it extremely hard to want to go back indoors. Why not take your books into the sun as often people do!

Dundee is known as Scotland’s sunniest city, this was shown over the weekend with it being the hottest Easter weekend in Scotland since records began. I got ice cream with my friends and we sat on the campus green, sunbathing and avoiding our quickly approaching exams for as long as we could.

With Dundee boasting the River Tay and the Dundee Waterfront walking along the water can be a nice break from studying, taking in the view of the rail bridge, road bridge and the newly built V&A. With the good weather we have had recently it has become a must do! Either walk or cycle along the waterfront and get lost in the views!

Finally, seen from most areas of Dundee, is the Dundee Law, an extinct volcano at the center of Dundee which boasts a war memorial and incredible views of Dundee and the surrounding countryside, it is a hot spot on fireworks night to see all of the fireworks across Dundee.

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