What’s new on Coursera for Business – February and March 2019

We launched 97 new courses in February and March of this year, including 13 courses in Arabic, 10 in Spanish, and 11 in Russian.

Here are our top ten courses in English from the past two months:

  • AI For Everyone, deeplearning.ai – AI is not only for engineers. If you want your organization to become better at using AI, this is the course to tell everyone–especially your non-technical colleagues–to take.
  • Innovation and emerging technology: Be disruptive, Macquarie University – ‘Disruption’ has become a buzz word in the business world. But what is a disruptive change-maker? In this course you will learn how to deploy disruptive strategic thinking to develop or protect your organisation’s competitive advantage.
  • Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, deeplearning.ai – If you are a software developer who wants to build scalable AI-powered algorithms, you need to understand how to use the tools to build them. This Specialization will teach you best practices for using TensorFlow, a popular open-source framework for machine learning.
  • State Estimation and Localization for Self-Driving Cars, University of Toronto – This course will introduce you to the different sensors and how we can use them for state estimation and localization in a self-driving car.
  • Decision Criteria & Applications, University of Michigan – This course is an introduction to decision-making criteria widely used in the real world and will help you understand the foundational principles of how most organizations make decisions.
  • Visual Perception for Self-Driving Cars, University of Toronto – This course will introduce you to the main perception tasks in autonomous driving, static and dynamic object detection, and will survey common computer vision methods for robotic perception.
  • Time Value of Money, University of Michigan – This course is an introduction to time value of money (TVM) and decision-making to help you understand the basics of finance.
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Finance & Blockchain Technology, New York Institute of Finance – What is Supply Chain Finance? How does Blockchain apply? In this course, you’ll learn about an emerging set of solutions within trade finance implemented by financial institutions, leading corporate buyers and their trading partners all over the world known as Supply Chain Finance.
  • Security and Privacy for Big Data – Part 1, EIT Digital – You will discover cryptographic principles, mechanisms to manage access controls in your Big Data system. By the end of the course, you will be ready to plan your next Big Data project successfully, ensuring that all security related issues are under control.
  • Intel® Network Academy – Network Transformation 102, Intel – Welcome to the Intel® Network Academy – a comprehensive training program on network transformation.  In this program, we will be covering the topic areas of software defined infrastructure (SDI) network functions virtualization (NFV), software-defined networking (SDN) and beyond.

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