How to Find an Introvert-Friendly Work Culture

Finding a job that fits your life can also mean finding a company that suits your work style and personality. “Office environments put employees in group situations fairly often, whether that’s official meetings or even just in the break room at lunch time,” says career strategist Heather Huhman, explaining why sharing anything from a cubicle […]

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Missing Link

It’s rare that a studio puts as much love and care into each film they make as Laika. In ten years they’ve released five films, each lovingly crafted and infused with an oddball charm that distinguishes them from other family friendly films. Yet their particular brand of quirkiness can sometimes be a bit off-putting, making […]

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Episode 22: National Security Professional Reveals Personal FedLoan Trainwreck

Alan is a national security specialist living in the D.C. area. He graduated with $120,000 of student loan debt, which had now climbed to $160,000 with interest. His wife is a vice principal with about $40,000 of student loan debt herself. Both are working toward student loan forgiveness — Alan with Public Service Loan Forgiveness […]

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Cultivating Cultural Competence and Inclusion

Inclusive work environments can yield greater creative output, boost employee morale, and benefit a company’s bottom line. But even as a slew of modern companies make strides towards true workplace inclusivity, many still miss the mark. This is often due to a lack of cultural competence, or the ability to engage and adapt across cultural differences. In this course, instructor Mary-Frances Winters explains why cultural competence is key to the success of any diversity-related initiative, as well as how to assess and grow your own cultural competence. She shares scenarios and techniques that can help you grasp how your worldview impacts your behavior, as well as how to more effectively engage and adapt across cultural differences.

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Leading at a Distance

Technology has enabled many former office workers to work from home or anywhere remotely. As the overall job landscape shifts, the number of remote workers will likely continue to increase. For the managers and leaders spearheading these remote teams, as well as teams that consist of remote and in-person employees, making the jump from in-person to virtual leadership can be challenging. In this course, instructor Kevin Eikenberry lays out how to lead effectively from a distance. He dives into the basics of remote leadership, such as how working remotely changes interpersonal dynamics. Plus, he shares tips for getting results at a distance—including how to provide remote coaching and feedback—as well as how to build trust, set reasonable boundaries as a long-distance leader, and more.

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Camtasia 2019 Essential Training: The Basics

Get started with Camtasia 2019, a complete elearning and screencast creation suite that allows you to capture and edit video, create interactive learning experiences, and publish elearning media. In this course, Chris Mattia takes you through the essentials of creating compelling video content with this go-to tool. He steps through how to create software-based training and slides-based training, as well as edit video footage and audio with Camtasia. Learn how to record voice narration; stylize your content with transitions; and focus your learner’s attention with annotations. Plus, Chris shows how to share your content with the world and collaborate with co-authors on Mac and Windows.

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