Meet Julia English


Meet Julia English

Julia English recently graduated from RMIT University with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion. Whist completing her degree Julia lived at RMIT Village and worked there as a Resident Assistant (RA) too. We sat down to chat to Julia about her experience at the Village.


1. What’s a highlight from your time living at RMIT Village?

One of the best parts of living at RMIT Village is how easy and welcoming it made my move from Adelaide to Melbourne. I remember going to my first Village event which was a meet and greet night plus BBQ, it was great to hang out with people who were also new to Melbourne. The group of residents I met that night quickly became the first friends I made in Melbourne and it was especially nice to have made friendships before University had even begun.

2. Tell us about Resident Life at RMIT Village and the relationships you’ve built.

I have loved being a part of the ResLife team at RMIT Village, it has been a great job which is fast paced and fun – no two days are the same! It has been really nice to develop relationships with the RA team and Village staff. The ResLife manager is a great mentor who takes time to understand what residents need and want at the Village. Planning and running events with the ResLife manager is one of the favourite parts of my job.

3. What was your room at the Village like?

My room was very full on a regular day! I had my sewing machine set up on my desk, with fabric in tubs under my bed; I’m also an avid reader so I had quite a collection of fashion books, classic novels, and of course my Harry Potter series. I managed to fill up most nooks and crannies in my room thanks to having been in the same apartment for almost four years now, though I can’t believe it’s been that long.

4. We’ve heard you played an exciting role in the styling of a new apartment, tell us a little more about that.

RMIT Village is set to open brand new apartments and vibrant communal areas in 2019 including 160 new beds across various apartment types. In preparation for Open Day in August I styled a brand new studio apartment opening next year. This allowed visitors such as parents and future residents to tour the building and envision what the apartment will look like furnished. This was a fun project and something that allowed me to use my creative flare for the Village.

5. Now that you’ve finished studying Fashion, what are your plans for the future?

My degree gave me the opportunity to attend the Youth Fashion Summit in Copenhagen earlier this year where I had the opportunity to meet 112 students from across the world to talk about what the future of fashion could look like and what we need to do to achieve it. This experience helped me refine my own practice which was already focused on sustainable design into an investigation around how we can help people be more aware of the role clothing plays in their lives. I believe that to help people consume fashion in a more sustainable and ethical way, people need to appreciate and value the way that clothes help us live our lives, both as functional pieces, but also as a reflection of memory and identity. I hope to continue pursuing my efforts in this area.

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Brand new RMIT studio apartment styled by Julia pictured below.

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