NY Certification Questions (Out Of State)

Background: I graduated from a NASP approved program outside of New York. I am licensed in another state, outside of New York, and don’t have my NCSP yet.

I am looking into becoming NY certified because I am possibly moving there next year for family reasons. Anyway, I am looking to figure out exactly what I have to do to apply for certification there as an out of state application and I am confused. I know they don’t have out of state reciprocity for the school psychologist credential. I am going to apply thru their “Individual Evaluation” Pathway. I am able to see the requirements for this, however, I am not able to find what specific documents they want me to send in to prove the requirements. Does anyone know where I can find this?

These are the Requirements listed: Education – Bachelors Degree Graduate Coursework – Psychology – 60 S.H. College Supervised Internship – School Psychology Workshop – Child Abuse Identification Workshop – School Violence Intervention and Prevention Workshop – Dignity For All Students Act Fingerprint Clearance

I see that the Workshops can be completed remotely and the certificate can be automatically sent, so that is clear to me.

Do I send in just my transcripts from graduate and undergraduate to prove the first 3 requirements or is there some kind of internship verification form I need to get signed?

A little guidance from any out of state applicants who have been through the process would be great.

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