Current undergrad looking for advice.

I apologize if this is a common post. I am currently a junior psych major at a really good state university. I’ve recently decided that I’m very interested in becoming a school psychologist. I want to get an Ed.S and was wondering what I need to do to have a solid chance of getting into a good program. Unfortunately, my gpa is pretty weak and is sitting at a 2.892 as I enter my junior year. I’ll be working on getting that up but obviously a 3.5 plus is not happening at this point. Is getting research experience important if I’m only going for the specialist degree? I’m planning on joining an rso that involves mentoring at risk youth, as well as becoming a paraprofessional at my schools counseling center. Lastly, is getting a degree from a APA and NASP accredited program all it takes to get a job, or do I have to be selective and pick a good program? I’ve heard it’s a very in demand field. Thanks for the help!

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