Graduate Application Stats- Please Let Me know What You Think!

Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on my applications to obtain a PsyD. in School Psychology. I am wondering how competitive I am compared to other potential candidates. I know my GRE could potentially throw off my application, and honestly I am quite worried about it. In your experience how much does the GRE matter? I appreciate any advice you have for me!

Here are my stats:

-3.78 GPA (combined)

-BS in Psychology

-BS in Communication

– 2 years of research assistantship in Psychology lab

– presented undergraduate thesis at regional psych conferences

-5+ years of working in educational settings (ESL teacher, after school coordinator, tutor)

-Advanced certification in Spanish

– very strong letters of recommendation from professors

– GRE: I predict between (295-302 combined) based on practice tests

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