Top Instagramable Locations

As the weather gets warmer, we tend to flock outside to hang out with friends. This also means that pictures for social media are a must. We here at The Daily Duke thought it would be nice to compile a list of places in Harrisonburg where you can take great pics for the ‘Gram.

1. Artful Dodger Mural

The original mural next to the Artful Dodger has been around for a few years, but the new mural is barely two weeks old. This mural was painted by the community in the Valley Art Mobile’s first public event, in collaboration with the Arts Council of the Valley.


2. Kline’s Dairy Bar

A true staple of Harrisonburg, Kline’s has been apart of our beloved community for 75 years. With new special flavors every week, you surely won’t be disappointed. (Brownie Batter is the best.)


3. Downtown Parking Garage Mural

This colorful wall was designed by Andre Shank as a tribute to Lucy Simms, a Harrisonburg educator. 


4. Behind Beyond

This place is gorgeous and is unnoticed by most. A true hidden gem in the downtown area.


5. Graffiti House

We all see this mural when we’re driving on Martin Luther King Drive, but often we keep on driving. This mural is cute and it also has some natural elements growing around it. The perfect mix of urban and rural.


6. Tops of Parking Decks

Surprisingly enough, the tops of parking garages have easily accessible views. Warsaw is great because you have Wilson in the background. But really, any parking garage is great, especially at sunset!


Thanks to Michelle Mullins for being my lovely model! I have loved getting to know you through The Daily Duke, and I’m going to miss working with you next year.

Do you have any favorite Instagramable spots in Harrisonburg? Let us know in the comments!

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