Controversy With Allergy Scene in “Peter Rabbit” Movie

Last year, we posted about the high rate of bullying in school age children with food allergies.  Studies have shown that in many of these cases the children were bullied with the allergic food, often by the bullies waving it in front of the children or forcing them to touch it.  You can read more about Food Allergy in the School Setting here. 

In the new “Peter Rabbit” movie, one scene hits painfully close to home for these families.  It highlights this type of bullying in a way that many parents and caretakers of children with life-threatening allergies feel is insensitive, irresponsible, and even dangerous. You can read more about their concerns Here and learn why they have decided to boycott the movie  What do you think about this controversy?  We would love you to weigh in on this topic.

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